Zac Brown Band…

Can you believe this band has 9 consecutive #1 Singles with “Keep Me in Mind?” This band has totally mind blowing talent!! My husband and I were just floored with their performance, we just didn’t expect this! What a great night of music. Talented musicians, beautiful voices, great blend of musical selections and FUN!

Way to make new fans! Kathy and Tom, a shout out to you,”Thank You for going with Us!”

Favorite moment: Salute to the military. Chicken Fried Song set. GREAT night of music. Wear your dancing shoes.

2 thoughts on “Zac Brown Band…

  1. Great picture of you and Matt.
    Also loved the pictures of Nolan. He is getting so big.
    See you Fri. I’m bringing my computer.
    I updated to Chrome Google. I think I did it right. However I can’t get certain things up at the top that Dave could go immmediately to at the shore. Like our website, weather.

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