The Gift Has Arrived…


Well, The Gift has arrived my friends! Her name is Marisa Renee. Renee after her mothers middle name, which is appropriate since Little Man has his daddy’s middle name too.

We did this maternity photo shoot just a couple of days, before she was to give birth.

I couldn’t let these precious images not be posted, they turned out beautiful! She didn’t want me to post them, until AFTER the baby came and she had the chance to surprise the family with the name!

Which I don’t blame her. Everyone always wants to surprise the family with all the details of the birth, right?!


But as a photographer, I couldn’t just jump straight into the hospital images, without letting you view these first hand.


She was a perfect model and pregnant mommy, wouldn’t you say? Lovely, lovely!!


It makes it even more fun, when you know the date of the birth and can do some creative ideas.

I had such a wonderful time with her taking these images…it was serene for me.

Marisa Renee will be in the next post…I promise!! It will be worth the wait.

PS…you will see Little Mans reaction to “Little Sis.”



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