Blue Hole Regional Park…


We are going to finish the Wimberely, Texas trip today with the final installment Part 3. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 click here.

After we finished our shopping in the adorable town of Wimberely, we headed over to Blue Hole Regional Park.

This Texas treasure called Blue Hole has 126 acres of parkland in the heart of the Wimberley Valley.

The cypress trees are absolutely beautiful, providing abundant shade over the water. The stone walkways are really nice, it’s an impressive little park.


Blue Hole Regional Park is surprisingly large and complements the long- and deservedly well-loved Blue Hole Swimming Hole, which has been “restored” with grassy banks and limited access. It’s cold, clear, and altogether a lovely place to swim and picnic and hang out. Because numbers are limited, it doesn’t get overcrowded. The park itself has nature trails and many other great features.


Park capacity is only 200 people so get there early in the Summer if you don’t want to wait. There’s a lovely grassy expanse for people to put down blankets and coolers. They don’t sell food or water so make sure and bring everything you need. No alcohol is allowed. They have clean bathrooms and changing areas as well. We were very impressed.

The water is a chilly 75 degrees so give yourself a few minutes to get acclimated. Once you do, it’s heavenly. The water is exceptionally clean, spring fed and naturally filtered because of the porous rock it flows through. There’s also two swings: one for adults, one for kids.

This is a really beautiful location that is relatively flat. Great location for hiking and provides a good view of the river. Has about ten geo caches located throughout the park.


There were kids and BIG KIDS alike (Namely Tarzan) swinging from the trees into the water. Jane has to confess…Tarzan wasn’t really too keen on trying out this adventure. She told him, “How can you be Tarzan and NOT swing on the tree?” Well, as you can see…Tarzan is still king of the jungle…SMILE.


The spring-fed water was SOO refreshing on a hot Texas July day. Tarzan gives Jane a thumbs up smile.




Of course, the girls just bring floats and watch the boys…somethings just never change.

I look at these images and realize they just speak…SUMMER…don’t they?

Summer will be over before we know it…get out and enjoy it while you can.



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