Hey, Houston…We Had Problem Here


Do you remember James A. Lovell Jr. saying this statement on the Apollo 13 moon flight? Our family visited Houston’s NASA Space Center and was filled with awe! Can I tell you how proud I am of this country and their achievements, after visiting this incredible place! I have never seen and probably won’t again an environment filled with such magnitude of rich history.


Oh, it didn’t hurt my perspective either to see Little Man’s eyes light up so much with the sites. Here, we see him and Daddy looking at the rocket display.




Well, look…Tarzan even joined in on the fun!



Little Man…you are an adorable astronaut! Did you know they can be as young as 9 years old….to enter NASA’S Space University in the summer? Oh, what a hoot if he would receive this opportunity. You KNOW how much he loves airplanes and rockets!


The impossible happened here. Our family experienced the history of space exploration and we discovered how NASA still pushes the boundaries today. We were very inspired and amazed. To find out more about the Space Center in Houston, visit their fantastic website here.

Now, on to a more personal note…I MISS YOU ALL!!

The move to Texas was just a little bigger bite than I thought it would be.

I LOVE it…don’t get me wrong…but sometimes our dreams (eyes) can be larger than our physical bodies. SMILE.

For you that are over 50 years of age…can I hear an amen?

I was ten years younger when I made our last move…let’s just say…it wasn’t as easy as before.

We bought a home already! Yes, we don’t let any dust get under our feet do we?

We are as happy as two clams together!

I just unpacked my last box yesterday of personal things.

It has been quite the challenge to fit our junk into an older home with NO storage!

Would you like to guess how many trips to Goodwill I have made? Way too many to count.

We hope we have made a few people happy shopping there this past week or so.

But the home has character and not just a square cement block structure.

So you take the good with the bad right?!

I wanted to let you know what I have been doing these past few weeks as I have been MIA.

Love to hear from you all…

Laurie XXOO



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