The Thrill Of The Hunt…


Here we are at our “First” Easter living in Texas!!!

Spring has sprung and the delight on Little Mans face was an awesome affair for Papa and I!

Daddy is showing him how the Easter Egg Hunt works…”Oh, I think I got this Dad!”


Is his Easter outfit just adorable or what?

Grammie went crazy over his tie and shirt. Did you notice he is wearing his cowboy boots on Easter…well of course, we are in Texas right?!.

Well look at this…M & M’s in a carrot…hmm.


He had to climb up in his fort to find one of his eggs…look at his face.


The basket is starting to get really full…


A little portrait setting for this special day in the world.

Okay, we might of had to bribe him with one of the pieces of Easter candy for more smiles…

But a little chocolate never hurts anyone. Smile.

You all have blessed me with your beautiful kind comments on Easter day…wow!!!

I wanted to give back something to you, to let you know I am thinking about this community and the friendships I have here.

Blogging has given me connections, I didn’t realize was possible.

You come to the knowledge, everyone has something in their life to share. It’s up to YOU to decide if you will?

Have a great day.




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