JW Marriott Resort & Spa…Aaaah

jw marriott entrance sign

Hello…my friends!

I hope everyone is doing great?

Tarzan and I celebrated 19 years of wedding bliss this weekend!

We took off for Hill Country…oh, be still my heart!

One of my favorite places to be.

I surprised Tarzan with this trip, he had no idea.

Let me give thanks to Miss Teresa B. for sharing her experience at this great resort.

It made my decision, so much easier on where to go for our anniversary.


JW Marriott Resort in San Antonio is a wonderful getaway my friends!

What a great way to pamper yourself for a great occasion.


It features a 36-hole TPC golf course, an adult-only infinity pool, Lantana Spa, 6-acre water park with a lazy river, and seven restaurants!


The beauty was breathtaking…really!




We only had a couple of things we would like to see improved…and it looks like it is on its way with a 16.8 million dollar renovation to its watermark. The adult only infinity pool, was way too small, but on the other side of the coin…it faced the hill country golf course. This was a very nice view!


Of course, this grammie NEVER stops thinking about her grandchildren…YES, EVEN ON MY ANNIVERSARY…SIGH.

This photo above had me laughing so! The reason for the blurry picture. All I could think of was Little Man sitting on his daddy’s lap on this inter tube. He had the same great laugh…look real close to his reaction on his face. (Green swimmies on his arm.)

I told Tarzan…next time the grands come with us!!

Won’t you join me on Instagram? You will see, where Tarzan and I went the night before…heading off to Hill Country. What a fabulous time we had!

May gladness touch your life as sweetly as you have touched the lives of others!…Rebecca Forsythe



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