Marisa’s Birth Announcement…


I wanted to create a birth announcement for Marisa, since all the other grandchildren have had one designed.

She is just a precious soul and Grammie loves her to pieces!

I have a BIG announcement to make….drum roll please!

Marisa’s parents have asked me to be Marisa’s nanny when her mommy goes back to work! Can you believe this? I am very honored and pray that I am up to the task…smile. I am not as young as I used to be, as the saying goes.

It will be for one year only. They just feel she is too young to be put in daycare, they know she will be in much better hands with Grammie. I have accepted the position and will start at the end of May.

The photography business will go back to part time and only on weekends for the next year.

I hope you will keep Marisa and I in your prayers…we will need it. Smile.

Of course, expect to see a little more of Marisa than usual here on the blog, you don’t mind do you?


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