The “Other Anniversary”…

We all have them.

The day the doctor told you there was no heart beat.

The day you took her off life support.

The day you found your baby not breathing.

The day you thought your world ended.

Your baby’s angel day. Your baby’s death day. That “other anniversary.”

Today, is that day for our family that our little grand-angel went home in heaven to be with Jesus.

This marks the fifth anniversary and we miss her no less.

Every year, we try to do something in remembrance of her, we made a donation for flowers to be put on the alter in our church this Sunday.

Olivia Mabel…Grammie can’t wait to see you up in heaven someday!

NO matter how hard life can become…you have to remember the blessings you DO HAVE!

He is one of them…Olivia’s Little Brother…”Little Man.”

IMG_6113e_edited-1 IMG_6115_edited-2IMG_6112e

Grapefruit is in season down here in Texas…what a delightful citrus time.

His red hat being framed by the leaves with the Cardinals logo…is just too cute.

He was not feeling the best when I took these pictures, the reason for no smiles.

Not every moment can be a joyous occasion as in the example of today.

I hope you will read this link and Don’t waste a moment!!

Take count of your blessings my friends.



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